About Red Lizard

Red Lizard Farms is the collaboration of two sisters who are passionate about their families, the environment, the humane treatment of animals, and organic food grown on their farms.  Eventually their passion extended to natural cleaners and personal products that were safe for every family member.  The desire for all natural products led these sisters to create Red Lizard Farms, a family-owned business operated from the farms of each one.  Their objective is to offer quality bath and body products made from safe, natural ingredients that do not hurt the environment and are never tested on animals.  The products are non-toxic, safe for the body, good for the skin, and the ingredients are readily identified.  Because each customer is special, Red Lizard Farms offers customized products for our customers with special needs or requests.  

We are committed to helping our customers convert to safer products made from natural ingredients.  Since we do not add water to our products, you can be assured that you are getting pure oils and butters with no preservatives.  This allows you to use less product with better results.

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